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Summer 2019: Fabian Review


This edition of the Fabian Review explores ideas on greening Labour with contributions from Ed Miliband MP, Sue Hayman MP, and Nadia Whittome plus Kate Murray talks to Yvette Cooper MP.

Also in this issue: Harriet Harman MP on the detention of young people with learning disabilities, Dan Carden MP on putting justice, solidarity and fairness into practice, and Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP calls for youth policy to be taken more seriously.

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Calling a truce

11 September 2019

VANESHA SINGH: At a time when the past indiscretions of Tory leadership contenders have put drug use back in the headlines, Labour should take the lead on reforming drugs policy.

Continue reading Class / Crime / Inequality / Labour party

Our founding feminists

6 September 2019

JANA SMITH ELFORD: The pioneering efforts of several early female Fabians have too often been written out of history.

Continue reading History

Modern hinterlands

5 September 2019

PENNY ANDREWS: Whether they like gardening, sport or jam-making, politicians should be recognised for the real people they are.

Continue reading Democracy
Long read

Happily ever after

2 September 2019

CHLOE COMBI: Is good politics just about helping people to become successful and resilient? Or is there more to life than that? Why are we getting happiness so wrong?

Continue reading Culture / Health / Welfare
Long read

For the common good

29 August 2019

LUKE JOHN DAVIES: Labour needs a new philosophy to guide it – and an approach with its roots in the thinking of Robert Owen, Clement Attlee and Martin Luther King could offer just that.

Continue reading History / Labour party

Time to act

22 August 2019

HARRIET HARMAN MP: The detention of young people with autism and learning disabilities is a national scandal.

Continue reading Class / Disability / Inequality / Labour party
Book review

Tragic consequences

20 August 2019

SIMON DUFFY: Frances Ryan draws much-needed attention to the human costs of austerity.

Continue reading Class / Disability / Human rights / Inequality / Social security

Cuts and closures

19 August 2019

LLOYD RUSSELL-MOYLE MP: The crisis in youth policy must be taken seriously.

Continue reading Inequality / Labour party

Secularism's last stand

15 August 2019

CHAITANYA KUMAR: We cannot turn a blind eye to rising intolerance in India.

Continue reading Class / Democracy / Foreign policy / Human rights / Inequality / International relations

People, not profit

7 August 2019

DAN CARDEN MP: The next Labour government will put justice, solidarity and fairness into practice on a global scale.

Continue reading Foreign policy / Human rights / International relations / Labour party

Across party lines

5 August 2019

If we want our country to heal we need a fresh approach, Yvette Cooper MP tells Kate Murray.

Continue reading Brexit / Changing Work Centre / Labour party / Work
Long read

Actions speak louder than words

30 July 2019

When it comes to the climate emergency, actions speak louder than words. Sue Hayman MP, Judith Blake and Alex Sobel MP write about the steps that need to be taken by local authorities and parliament.

Continue reading Economy / Environment / Labour party
Long read

Seeking green solutions

30 July 2019

Green issues are creating more concern than ever before with action needed across a number of fronts. We know the government must act now, but what should this look like in practice? Stephanie Hilborne, Alan Whitehead MP, Noga Levy-Rapoport and Farhana Yamin weigh in.

Continue reading Energy / Environment / Labour party

Winning over the voters

30 July 2019

MELANIE SMALLMAN: Commitments need to be followed by actions. So how will Labour find the policies that meet its ambitious carbon reduction targets and attract voters to the party too?

Continue reading Economy / Environment / Labour party

Red and green values

30 July 2019

NADIA WHITTOME: A Labour government that is committed to restructuring and decarbonising our economy to tackle the climate emergency must put trade unions and workers at the heart of its approach.

Continue reading Brexit / Class / Economy / Environment / Inequality / Labour party / Trade unions

For the workers

30 July 2019

CLARE HYMER: For decades in the global north, environmentalism has been framed as a white, middle-class preoccupation. This framing couldn’t be further from the truth.

Continue reading Class / Democracy / Economy / Environment / Inequality / Labour party

The gloves are off

29 July 2019

ED MILIBAND MP: The climate change battle is one we can’t duck because of the disaster that confronts the world if we do not act. But it is also an opportunity to reimagine our world. The Labour party can and should seize this moment.

Continue reading Economy / Employment / Environment / Labour party

Kate Murray

Kate Murray is the editor of the Fabian Review.


Vanesha Singh

Vanesha Singh is the assistant editor at the Fabian Society.


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