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The Mountain to Climb

Labour will need to win 106 seats to secure a majority, reaching deep into middle England, according to this analysis.
By Andrew Harrop
June 2015

A future without poverty

The Fabian Society and Bright Blue present a range of perspectives from left and right on tackling poverty.
March 2015

Inequality 2030

Unless we introduce a strategy to improve living standards and reduce poverty, we will face a huge rise in inequality.
By Andrew Harrop and Howard Reed
February 2015

Common ground?

In the run-up to the 2015 election, with the possibility of another coalition on the horizon, what shape would an alliance between Labour and the Liberal Democrats take?
By Andrew Harrop and Stephen Lee
February 2015

Going public

Our public services can deliver value while retaining a strong public character.
By Andrew Harrop with Robert Tinker
November 2014

Labour's Fightback

The policies recommended in this report form a radical manifesto for the left, although one still bound by fiscal and economic reality.
By Andrew Harrop
June 2014

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