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Winter 2017: Fabian Review


  • Winter 2017
  • By Kate Murray
  • Published 20 December 2017

This edition of Fabian Review focuses on how Labour needs to reshape the economy, with Michael Jacobs, Chi Onwurah MP, Caroline Flint MP, Andrew Cumbers and David Walker, plus Kate Murray interviews shadow equalities minister Dawn Butler MP.

Also in this issue: Simon Toubeau on federalism and the European left.

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Book review

The parenting myth?

13 March 2018

ANGELA DAVIS: An analysis of early years intervention fractures a dangerous consensus.

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Mutual benefits

2 March 2018

MIKE OWEN - Housing regeneration does not have to pit tenants against their landlords.

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Going further

1 February 2018

LOLA McEVOY: The living wage campaign has made a huge difference to the low-paid, but there is more to do

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A new settlement

24 January 2018

MARTIN WHITFIELD MP - It is time for a constitutional convention to look at how voters across the UK can be given the power they crave

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States of the nations

19 January 2018

SIMON TOUBEAU: Federalism has always proved a challenge for the European left

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In safe hands

18 January 2018

ANDREW CUMBERS: Public ownership is making a comeback around the world

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The crumbs of hope

12 January 2018

RICHARD CORBETT MEP: The crunch point on Brexit is fast approaching

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Hearts and minds

8 January 2018

SAM TARRY: With a message that’s both patriotic and progressive, Labour is winning over its traditional voters once more

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The new frontline

8 January 2018

The Uber saga shows we must ensure innovation works for all, writes Wes Streeting

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A new form of capitalism

3 January 2018

Our current economic system is in crisis and it is time for fundamental reform, writes Michael Jacobs...

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The rights stuff

28 December 2017

Labour is ready and able to take on the challenge of government, shadow women and equalities minister Dawn Butler tells Kate Murray...

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Growth prospects

27 December 2017

Britain’s version of capitalism needs to be more European in flavour, writes Andrew Harrop...

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Book review

Leadership lessons

22 December 2017

Gordon Brown is honest about his shortcomings as well as his achievements, writes Ria Bernard...

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A fresh approach

21 December 2017

As the UK speeds towards the European Union exit door, Caroline Flint argues it’s time for ‘Britonomics’...

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Kate Murray

Kate Murray is the editor of the Fabian Review.


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