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Labour Country

How to reconnect with rural communities

Labour must reconnect with the politics and culture of the countryside to be confident of winning the next general election.
By Tobias Phibbs
March 2018

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Life Lessons

A National Education Service that leaves no adult behind

How Labour’s National Education Service can be brought to life.

Edited by Kate Murray
December 2017

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A New Collectivism

How private sector trade unions can innovate and grow

How trade unions can modernise to meet the challenges of the changing world of work.
Edited by Cameron Tait and Tobias Phibbs
December 2017

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Winter 2017

Fabian Review

This edition of Fabian Review focuses on how Labour needs to reshape the economy, with Michael Jacobs, Chi Onwurah MP, Caroline Flint MP, Andrew Cumbers and David Walker, plus Kate Murray interviews shadow equalities minister Dawn Butler MP.

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Saving for the Future

Extending the consensus on workplace pensions

Bright Blue and the Fabian Society, representing the intellectual right and left, have come together with this publication to find common ground and practical policies on pressing problems facing workplace pensions.
Edited by Andrew Harrop and Sam Hall
December 2017

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New Tricks

Innovative approaches to lifelong learning

Innovative approaches to lifelong learning around the globe could inspire a renaissance in skills training for UK workers.
By Cameron Tait
December 2017

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Future Unions

Towards a membership renaissance in the private sector

How can private sector trade unions reverse decades of decline? This report sets out five key steps on the road to recovery.
By Cameron Tait
November 2017

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Shaping the futurescape

Analysis paper

In spring 2017, the Fabian Society convened a day-long summit, ‘Future Left’, to consider the challenges the left will face in the 2020s. This analysis paper summarises the insights presented during that discussion,
By Andrew Harrop
October 2017

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Fair and free

Labour, liberty and human rights

How a fresh vision of liberty could transform lives, institutions and relationships with the rest of the world.
Edited by Kate Murray
September 2017

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The Right to Justice

The final report of the Bach Commission

People should have a right to justice they can afford, urges this major new report on access to our justice system. The Fabian Society acted as the secretariat for the Bach Commission which has heard from more than 100 individuals and organisations over the past two years.
By the Bach Commission
September 2017

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Autumn 2017

Fabian Review

This edition of Fabian Review focuses on Labour's offer for social security, public services and workers with Ruth Patrick, Heather Wakefield and Jane Mansour, plus Kate Murray interviews David Lammy MP.

Also in this issue: Allen Simpson makes the link between populism...

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Powerful People, Powerful Places

Mobilising the yet to be mobilised

Our local environment is the foundation on which community life is built.  Parks provide space for local people to come together and meet their neighbours, and clean streets embed a pride in one’s place.
By Tara Paterson
July 2017

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Summer 2017

Fabian Review

This edition of Fabian Review focuses on the task ahead for Labour with Lewis Baston, Jeremy Gilbert, Philip Collins and Olivia Bailey, plus Kate Murray interviews Emily Thornberry MP.
Also in this issue: Charles Lees assesses Martin Schulz and the SPD and Richard Carr on Charlie Chaplin.

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Our Shared Responsibility

Delivering on the UN's sustainable development goals in the UK

The Sustainable Development Goals are an ambitious and potentially transformative framework, agreed by all of the countries in the world. This pamphlet outlines what more needs to be done in the UK to make the goals the foundation for a better future.
By Jessica Toale
May 2017

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The Age of Trump

Foreign policy challenges for the left

The first months of Donald Trump’s presidency have been turbulent ones. We have come to expect the unexpected from the showman in the White House and his team. How should the left respond in these uncertain times?
Edited by Ian Kearns and Kate Murray
April 2017

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This Woman Can

1997, women and Labour

In 1997, a Labour government swept to power promising to transform our country. And the election of 101 women to the government benches promised to transform our politics too. Featuring contributions from the 1997 generation as well as those who followed in their footsteps.
Edited by Sally Keeble
March 2017

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Spring 2017

Fabian Review

This edition of Fabian Review focuses on whether the European left can make a comeback with Philippe Marliere on France's radical reformer and Eunice Goes on social democracy's renewal, plus Kate Murray interviews Angela Rayner MP.
Also in this issue: Polly Toynbee and David Walker.

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Local and National

How the public wants the NHS to be both

It is early days for the devolution of healthcare, but NHS localism has the potential to transform how public services are delivered in England. What does the public think about health devolution?
Edited by Tobias Phibbs
March 2017

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