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Summer 2013

Fabian Review

The summer Fabian Review features new research on growing inequality and highlights why Labour needs to rediscover its egalitarian core. With Howard Reed on why the coalition's benefit reforms are a speeded-up version of Thatcherism; Kate Bell on the arguments for investing in childhood; Andrew Simms asks 'do we want to grow forever?' and Mary Riddell speaks to Arnie Graf, the influential adviser to Ed Miliband on Labour's community-organising revolution.

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A vision of whole person care for a 21st century health and care service

Whole person care is a vision for a truly integrated service, not just battling disease and infirmity, but able to aspire to give all people a complete state of physical, mental and social wellbeing.
Edited by Andy Burnham.
July 2013

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Spending Wisely

Principles for a good spending review

This is the first report of the Fabian Commission on Future Spending Choices which was established to consider the public spending options for a government coming to power in 2015.
June 2013

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Home Truths

How to change attitudes to housing benefit

This research confirms that the public politics of housing benefit is complicated and dominated by negative attitudes towards claimants. But the research also demonstrates ways in which a more nuanced and positive debate can be fostered. This more positive debate is crucial for the fight against homelessness and poverty in the coming years.
By Natan Doron and Robert Tinker.
June 2013

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Pensions at work, that work

Completing the unfinished pensions revolution

This pamphlet sets out a series of reforms to ensure that the occupational pensions in which most Britons save provide value for money.
By Andy Tarrant and Gregg McClymont MP.
May 2013

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Spring 2013

Fabian Review

Patrick Diamond on what the left can do in an era of less growth, less public spending and lower living standards; Sarah Mulley on Labour's immigration challenge; Stuart White and Martin O'Neill on the 'New Labour that wasn't' and the lessons for 'one nation' Labour today.

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Next Generation Europe

How the case for the EU can be remade and re-energised

The pro-EU argument needs to spell out the practical benefits of the EU. This means addressing the insecurities of young people around job losses and immigration, whilst at the same time demonstrating what the EU brings to their day-to-day lives.
Edited by Sofie Jenkinson and Ed Wallis.
May 2013

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Remaking the State

How should Labour govern?

This collection of essays looks at the big policy questions Labour needs to answer if it is to win power again.
Edited by Sofie Jenkinson.
February 2013

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Winter 2012

Fabian Review

The winter Fabian Review explains how the environment could be a crucial factor in deciding the next election:
Natan Doron analyses new polling from YouGov which shows strong support for making the shift to a low-carbon economy among swing voters. Shadow treasury minister Cathy Jamieson, Keith Allott from WWF and Frances O'Grady, TUC general secretary respond.
Michael Jacobs says that the environmental crisis is now a crisis of capitalism, and sets out the terms for a green social democracy in a Fabian essay.

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The Great Rebalancing

How to fix the broken economy

If the Labour party is serious about a ‘one nation’ rebalancing of the economy, it needs to paint on a vast canvas, with the goal of creating of a more north European style of UK economy. Taken together a wide package of reforms really can change the character of UK capitalism.
Edited by Andrew Harrop.
January 2013

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A Rainy Day Fund

Why Britain needs a financial sector revenue stabilisation account

Once the recovery is well under way, tough new fiscal rules and a rainy day fund will help to put the public finances on a sustainable footing once more.
By Victoria Barr and Nick Donovan.
December 2012

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Beveridge at 70

The future of welfare 70 years on from the Beveridge report

The Beveridge report is a reminder that it is possible to imagine and realise visionary yet practical reforms, even in times of crisis and severe financial constraint. The left should celebrate how much of Beveridge’s legacy lives on - and feel inspired by Beveridge’s example to seek out comprehensive solutions to today's challenges.
Edited by Sofie Jenkinson and Ed Wallis.
December 2012

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Revaluing Food

New research from the Fabian Society into food waste

The problem of food waste can’t be left to individuals to shoulder alone, but must be solved collectively through politics.
Edited by Natan Doron.
November 2012

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New Forms of Work

How the workplace is changing and what the left should do about it

This collection of essays looks at today's more flexible Labour market and how it might be a force for individual and collective good.
Edited by Ed Wallis.
October 2012

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Letting Go

How Labour can learn to stop worrying and trust the people

To create public institutions that have relationships at their centre, we need to get people talking. Instead of waiting to be elected into government, Labour should see itself as a power in the land now.
By Jon Wilson.
September 2012

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Autumn 2012

Fabian Review

The Fabian Review has been completely redesigned. The first issue of the new look is our annual conference special and inside the magazine:

Katie Ghose, Peter Kellner, Lisa Nandy and Ed Wallis discuss our new YouGov polling on how to bring politics back down to earth (click here to download full polling data)
Mary Riddell interviews Labour's new policy chief Jon Cruddas
Victoria Barr says the government should create a rainy day fund to meet the costs of a future financial crisis
Geoff Mulgan writes that innovation-led growth should be made a much higher political priority

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No Right Turn

Britain's enduring support for public services

There is very little appetite for a US-style small-state and swing-voters' views are much closer to Labour than to Conservative opinion. The left should therefore resist urges to seek out a middle-way that cedes ground to the right on public service debates. Labour can set out a collectivist case for maintaining high quality, tax-funded public services.
By Natan Doron and Andrew Harrop.
September 2012

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A New Golden Rule

Putting the corporate sector surplus at the heart of economic decision making

The next Labour government should adopt a new fiscal rule seeking to reduce both the public sector deficit and the corporate sector surplus.
By Peter Kenway, Dan Corry and Steve Barwick.
September 2012

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